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The Histology Core Facility provides standard and customized research specific histology services including tissue processing, fixed and frozen sectioning. The Facility also offers routine and special histological stains as well as immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. The Facility maintains and provides training for several pieces of common use equipment, such as, paraffin microtome, cryostat, and a cytospin. Training is also provided for basic histological techniques such as, perfusion and tissue collection. Finished slides are returned to the researcher for evaluation, or they may be digitized using our latest addition, the Aperio Scanscope. The Aperio allows not only digitizing of slides for archiving, it also offers powerful image analysis tools as well. A tissue acquisition service assists investigators with regulatory/legal compliance, as well as obtaining and storage of human tissue samples and associated clinical data.
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Conventional histology

  • Routine and custom sectioning
  • Paraffin and frozen samples
  • Standard and special stain (H&E, PAS, silver impregnation)
  • Aperio high-resolution slide scanning and optional image analysis for bright field and fluorescence samples


  • Development of custom protocols (overlay assays, competition assays)
  • Titration and staining of commercial and custom antibodies
  • Double labeling of antibodies
  • Immunofluorescence


Equipment and Resources

  • Aperio AT2
  • Aperio FL fluorescence scanner system
  • Leica CM 3050 cryostat
  • Leica RM 2125 paraffin microtome
  • Dako autostainer plus
  • Shandon Cytospin 3
  • Sakura Tissue Tek vacuum infiltration tissue processor
  • Leica EG 1160 paraffin embedding station
  • MMI Cell Cut Laser Microdissection system


Robbin Newlin HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histotechnologist and Core Manager

As Manager of the Histology Core, Robbin is here to provide expertise in histology, pathology, a wide array of histological stains as well as immunohistochemistry. She has been ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) licensed and certified since 1981 as a Histotechnologist, and qualified Immunohistochemist. Robbin has extensive experience in many areas of histology and other laboratory disciplines covering veterinary and clinical research, diagnostic testing, and non-GLP pre-clinical studies. She has been responsible for the set up and day to day operations of three research histology labs, the training of technicians and assistance in troubleshooting standard histology and microscopy techniques including frozen and paraffin sections, LCM, (laser capture microscopy), special stains in addition to immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IFL).

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Guillermina (Gia) Garcia

Gia has been with Histology core for the past 8 years. She is responsible for the handling and processing of research samples on a day to day basis. She can answer any questions that you may have about your project. Gia is also skilled in a wide range of immunohistochemistry protocols, as well as a variety of histological staining methods.

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Price List

Rates shown do not reflect internal subsidies, such as those for Sanford-Burnham
Cancer Center members.

Additional Sections Frozeneach slide$7.43$14.47
Additional Sections/ paraffinper slide$7.43$14.47
Antibody Titration and Testingper antibody$202.50$394.50
Aperio 20X scanper slide$13.50$26.30
Aperio 40X scanper slide$27.00$52.60
Aperio Access Fee (1 time charge)per lab$405.00$789.00
Aperio Fluorescence Scanper slide$27.00$52.60
Aperio Macro Developmenteach$81.00$157.80
Common Cryostatper hour$27.00$52.60
Common Microtomeper hour$27.00$52.60
Cytospinper run$13.50$26.30
Deparaffinizing/Antigen RetrievalPER run$6.75$13.15
Embedding Center useper hour$20.25$39.45
Embedding Cryoeach$8.10$15.78
Embedding Only/ Paraffineach$8.78$14.47
H&E Stainingper slide$8.10$15.78
IHC benchtimeper hour$20.25$39.45
Immuno Double labelingper slide$114.75$223.55
Immuno Staining (IHC or IF)per slide$47.25$92.05
Large Combo/Embed/H&E/10unstainedeach$37.13$72.33
Large Slide Boxeach$24.30$47.34
Laser Capture Microscopeper hour$27.00$52.60
LCM sample prepeach$20.25$39.45
Materials (Dollar for Dollar)each$1.35$2.63
Neurohistologyper hour$47.25$92.05
Rnase Free Sectioningeach slide$8.10$15.78
Slide Foldereach$24.30$47.34
Small Combo/Embed/H&E/5ustainedeach$23.63$46.03
Small slide Boxeach$13.50$26.30
Special Stainingper slide$16.88$32.88
Technical Assistanceper hour$81.00$157.80
Tumor Bank sample request from inventoryEach--
Tumor Bank sample special requesteach$81.00$157.80
TUNEL Assayper slide$54.00$105.20
Vibratomeper hour$27.00$52.60
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