Program Description

There is no doubt we have the talent here in Florida to develop the medicines of tomorrow. Through the Florida Translational Research Program, we have the opportunity to match this talent with our infrastructure and technology platforms at Sanford-Burnham.

- Layton H. Smith, Ph.D.

Director of Drug Discovery, Florida

Florida Translational Research Program

Program Description

The purpose of the Florida Translational Research Program (FTRP) is to produce a pipeline of potential new medicines based upon laboratory research discoveries. The Program provides Florida-based scientists with access to experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technological resources for drug discovery to facilitate an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the establishment of a pipeline of potential new treatments for today’s most challenging and unmet medical needs. The Program is funded by the state of Florida through the Florida Department of Health and is administered and performed by Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute at Lake Nona.

The goals of the FTRP are to implement a variety of innovative biochemical and cell-based assays to interrogate biological targets or processes for which there are limited selective and potent small-molecule modulators available; to execute high-throughput screens; and to develop lead compounds suitable for use in vivo.

To meet these objectives the Program seeks three types of early drug discovery project proposals:
  • Concept or assay development projects for use in pre-therapeutic discovery via high-throughput screening. This solicitation invites proposals for the development of innovative biochemical and cell-based assays for biological targets, pathways, or processes for which there are limited selective and potent small-molecule modulators available.
  • High-throughput screening (HTS)-ready assays. This solicitation seeks well-developed, HTS-ready assays suitable for high-throughput screening of the Sanford-Burnham library of compounds for the purpose of identifying small-molecule modulators of the target, pathways, or processes of interest.
  • Validated hits for the discovery of pre-therapeutic lead compounds. This solicitation invites proposals that aim to further research and development of existing small-molecule chemical scaffolds for use in vivo.

Proposals are solicited twice a year - in the spring and fall. Active solicitations and Program forms are available for download by clicking on the "How to Submit Applications" link in the panel to the left. Click the “Apply” link to be redirected to the application submission page.

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