Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

About the Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Sanford-Burnham is at the vanguard of global efforts to deploy stem cell technologies in developing new treatments for a wide spectrum of disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury, heart disease, and diabetes. The mission of the Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine is to pioneer advances in molecular stem cell research and accelerate the clinical application of new findings.

What are the goals and activities of the Center?

A primary goal of the Center is to create an intellectually-vibrant community of scholars that collaborate and ultimately make an impact on diseases that can be treated by stem cell therapy.

Our researchers study how stem cells maintain their developmental capabilities, and how perturbations of developmental and stem cell biology contribute to disease. Our findings are used to manipulate stem cell fate (ex vivo and/or in vivo) to produce clinically relevant cell types for therapeutics.

The Center maintains one of the largest Stem Cell Core facilities in academia. The Core facility provides investigators with the highest quality resources to use stem cells to model disease, assists investigators with the design and interpretation of their experiments, and educates the public as well as other scientists on the application of stem cells to treat disease.

The Center is positioned to provide preclinical data for launching clinical trials at the newly established Sanford Clinical Stem Cell Center in La Jolla, Calif. The Center coordinates submissions by investigators to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).

Recent Developments

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