2014 Scientific Symposium

Preliminary Program

Keynote Lecture

Larry Goldstein

Human Metabolic Disease: Lessons from the Extremes

Sir Stephen O’Rahilly
University of Cambridge
Tuesday, March 4, 8:00 a. m.

Monday, March 3

7:00 am - Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 am - Introductory Remarks

8:30 am - Session 1

Origins of Metabolic Disease


Regulation of growth by the mTOR pathway

David M. Sabatini
Whitehead Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lee Rubin

A Genome‐wide view of macrophage activation

Christopher K. Glass
University of California San Diego

Lee Rubin

Gene environment interactions in insulin resistance

C. Ronald Kahn
Joslin Diabetes Center

10:00 am - Break

10:30 am - Session 2

Complications of Metabolic Disease

Lee Rubin

Integrating metabolism around the clock

Mitchell A. Lazar
University of Pennsylvania

Lee Rubin

How the HDL receptor SR-BI influences cardiovascular and reproductive pathophysiology

Monty Krieger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lee Rubin

Calcium signaling and ER stress in type 2 diabetes

Ira Tabas
Columbia University

12:00pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Session 3

Host-Environmental Interactions in Metabolic Disease

Mark Mercola

Crosstalk between circadian and metabolic cycles

Ueli Schibler
University of Geneva

Jenny Hsieh

Clock coupling of protein modification to cell metabolism

Joseph T. Bass
Northwestern University

Jenny Hsieh

A mitochondrial etiology of metabolic and degenerative diseases, cancer, and aging

Douglas C. Wallace
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania

Jenny Hsieh

Coupling of the sterol metabolic network to macrophage infection responses

Peter Ghazal
University of Edinburgh Medical School

3:30 pm - Break

4:00 pm - Session 4

Cancer Metabolism

Mark Mercola

Analyzing cancer cell metabolism in vivo

Ralph J. DeBerardinis
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Mark Mercola

Lymphocyte metabolism in inflammatory disease and leukemia

Jeffrey Rathmell
Duke University

Mark Mercola

The estrogen receptor as a mediator of the pathological actions of cholesterol in breast cancer

Donald P. McDonnell
Duke University

Randal Kaufman

Protein synthesis and folding: Tipping the balance from survival to death

Randall Kaufman
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute


6:00 pm - Poster Session presented by Thermo Fisher & Dinner

Tuesday, March 4

7:15 am - Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 am - Keynote Lecture

Larry Goldstein

Human Metabolic Disease: Lessons from the Extremes

Sir Stephen O’Rahilly
University of Cambridge

9:00 am - Session 5

Metabolic Biosignatures of Health and Disease: Towards Precision Medicine

Larry Goldstein

Metabolite profiles and the risk of cardiometabolic disease

Robert E. Gerszten
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Ricardo Dolmetsch

Metabolite signatures of insulin resistance

Deborah M. Muoio
Duke University

Ludovic Vallier

Transcriptional networks of adipocytes - friends and foes of PPARy

Susanne Mandrup
University of Southern Denmark

10:30 am - Break

11:00 am - Session 6

Modulating Metabolism as a Therapeutic Strategy I: Small Molecule Targets

Larry Goldstein

Seeing form, function, and opportunity in nuclear receptors

Fraydoon Rastinejad
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Larry Goldstein

The regulation of hepatic metabolism by insulin

Morris J. Birnbaum
University of Pennsylvania

Larry Goldstein

De novo lipogenesis and metabolic signaling

Clay F. Semenkovich
Washington University in St. Louis

12:30 pm - Lunch and Poster Viewing

1:30 pm - Session 7

Modulating Metabolism as a Therapeutic Strategy II: Biologics

Larry Goldstein

Brown and Beige Fat: Basic Biology and Novel Therapeutics

Bruce M. Spiegelman
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Larry Goldstein

Recruitment of BRITE/beige adipocytes in white adipose depots: signaling pathways old and new

Sheila Collins
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Larry Goldstein

Gut‐peptide based poly‐pharmacy for the treatment of obesity and

Matthias Tschöp
Helmholtz Center Munich, Technical University of Munich

3:00 pm - Final Remarks

3:15 pm - Meeting Concludes.
Optional Activities around the Orlando area.

Wednesday, March 5

Human Metabolic Phenotyping Workshop

Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes

Florida Hospital | Orlando, FL

(Separate Registration Required)

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