Graduate students are nothing new at Sanford-Burnham. Ph.D. candidates from U.C. San Diego and other universities have worked in our labs for many years. But in Spring 2006, the Institute created its own graduate program, giving young researchers an excellent way to further their education and bringing Sanford-Burnham talented and innovative young scientists.

Sanford-Burnham’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences features two tracks: Molecular Medicine and Integrated Life Sciences. Molecular Medicine is a more traditional biology program, while Integrated Life Sciences marries biological studies with chemical, physical and engineering disciplines. Though there are a small number of classes, students receive most of their instruction through one-on-one interactions with principal investigators (PIs).

“In many ways, graduate students complete a lab,” says Guy Salvesen, Ph.D., director of Scientific Training. “Grad students are often more willing to take risks and pursue research where the outcome is in doubt.”

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