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Team Burnham Offers Ten Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

ORLANDO, Fla. , December 10, 2008

Team Burnham, Burnham Institute for Medical Research’s running team, is committed to living a healthy lifestyle as they train for the Disney Marathon. With the winter holidays rapidly approaching, time is in short supply and delectable party menus tempt even the most health conscious fitness enthusiasts. Fresh from Saturday’s OUC Half Marathon and 5K, Team Burnham offers these survival tips for how to enjoy the festivities, while avoiding the infamous “holiday ten.” That’s up to ten extra pounds that can sneak up quickly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Follow these suggestions for balancing your dietary indulgences with a stepped-up exercise plan and enjoy a healthy holiday season.

Jump-start your healthy New Year’s resolutions with these ten tips for achieving a healthy balance through the holidays.

1. Walk or run for a cause - Give back to the community or your favorite charity by signing up for a benefit walk or run.

2. Set the cookie timer and start jumping - Do jumping jacks, squats or sit-ups while the cookies are baking. Three ten minute sessions can be as effective as a 30-minute exercise block!

3. Aerobic shopping - Arrive at the mall early as the building opens, and briskly walk the mall for 20 minutes before shopping.

4. Get active with your family - Holiday time is all about spending time with your family and friends, so plan active weekends in a park, bike riding or ice skating.

5. Start the party early - Blast the holiday music and dance as you clean the house before entertaining.

6. Fa-La-La! - Go caroling and you’ll find that walking and singing will raise your spirits and your heart rate.

7. Dip if you must - Reach for fresh veggies and crudités instead of crackers to accompany a dip. The crunchy textures are more flavorful and filling than high-fat crackers.

8. Go strolling - Walk the neighborhood with family and friends to view holiday lights and decorations instead of driving a car.

9. Make a deal - Promise yourself that when you over-indulge in treats that you’ll take a vigorous walk, jog or bike ride the next day. Create three or four exercise options to compensate for the extra calories.

10. Make merry at the market - Farmer’s markets are a great place to find food for the holidays. Almost everything is fresh and you’ll avoid the pre-packaged temptations at the supermarket.

Team Burnham members have been participating in a five-month training regimen to prepare for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, 2009. The team has more than 90 members, including scientists from the Burnham Institute’s Orlando and La Jolla campuses, Orlando Mayor Dyer, Orange County Mayor Crotty, and many local business and community leaders who are dedicated to raising money for medical research. Funds received from the event will support research in the areas of Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

For more information about Team Burnham, visit the team’s website.

Team Burnham
Team Burnham members gathered at dawn to run the OUC Half Marathon and 5K races on
December 6. Burnham scientists and staff were joined by Mayor Dyer and community
leaders in preparation for the Disney Marathon in January, where they will raise money for
medical research at Burnham Institute for Medical Research.

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